GHDDI Launches Free AI Virtual Screening Service For COVID-19 Powered By Alibaba Cloud

GHDDI Launches Free AI Virtual Screening Service For COVID-19 Powered By Alibaba Cloud


Save The Children Philippines Launches “E-Regalo Sa Mga Bata”

For every Php 10,000 raised through E-Regalo sa mga Bata, Save the Children will provide learning kits and life-saving essentials to 20 children.

DOTr Sec. Tugade Urges Drivers Of PUV To Participate In Gov’t’s Service Contract Program

Sa ilalim ng Service Contracting Program ng LTFRB, maaaring makatanggap ng karagdagang kita ang mga drayber na lubos na naapektuhan ang pangkabuhayan dahil sa COVID-19 pandemic.

In New Education Normal, Volunteers Help Fill Crucial Learning Gaps

“I volunteered because I didn’t want these kids to waste their time learning nothing,” says Emy Tarnate, one of the hundreds of volunteers helping children survive an education system altered by a global health crisis.

ECHO, OXFAM, World Vision, And ADRA Partner To Support Goni-Displaced Families In Bicol

World Vision, along with several of its partners, vows to provide immediate aid to the most affected communities in the hard-hit areas of the Bicol region.

Powered by Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI) launched a Free AI Virtual Screening Service for COVID-19 in order to facilitate COVID-19 drug discovery effort globally. The free and web-based research engine provides researchers with an AI-powered tool for virtual screening computation, that is powerful enough to support the prediction of SARS-CoV2 relevant target binding and phenotypic properties of any queried compound with just one click. Alibaba Cloud’s high-performance computing (HPC) resources and GHDDI’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities accelerate the computation process exponentially.

GHDDI’s drug repurposing research has put the Institute at the forefront in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the launch of the GHDDI COVID-19 information sharing portal hosted on Alibaba Cloud in January 2020, GHDDI has received 130 research applications worldwide, and partnered with 10 research institutions to investigate 9255 antiviral substances, 256 anti-coronavirus active small molecules and biological agents, and 18 high potential drug candidates recommended by AI through data mining from historical records.

Wet lab experiments were soon followed using AI shortlisted high potential compounds, and compounds with significant inhibitory effects on SARS-CoV2 in vitro were constantly being discovered by researchers. The portal also provides real-time statistical analysis of COVID-19 global research progress, with daily automatic updates, powered by a natural language processing AI engine. This AI engine can generate a report that covers over 1000 current worldwide clinical trials of 840 small molecule drugs, 306 biologics and 84 vaccines (as of 7/25/2020) against COVID-19 and hundreds of anti-SARS-CoV2 active compounds from in vitro experiments by research groups from all over the world.

“The high-performance computing power provided by Alibaba Cloud has significantly enhanced our drug discovery process by speeding up molecular docking and deep leaning computations, which may shorten the time needed to find a cure,” said Dr. Lurong Pan, Senior Investigator, AI platform lead of GHDDI. “As we are racing against time to tackle one of the worst public health crises in human history, leveraging AI and cloud computing in the research process gives us a better chance to save more lives.”

Supercomputers have tens of thousands of processors that work together to perform large scale computations, which normally would take decades if done manually. Powered by the 7th Generation of Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Alibaba Cloud’s HPC is highly scalable and elastic, and can be deployed over the cloud quickly without any infrastructure investment.

“We believe technology companies and research institutions should work hand in hand in order to tackle the pandemic,” said Dr. He Wanqing, Director of Alibaba Cloud HPC, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “Global research institutions such as GHDDI are crucial to finding long-term solutions in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and Alibaba Cloud is committed to offering our leading technology such as HPC resources free of charge to support the good cause.”

AFP Deploys 25-Man Medical Team To Davao City

The 25-man medical team will help Davao City in preventing further spread of COVID-19 and increase the health system capability of the city.

DOH Records 92% Covid-19 Recovery Rate

Good news! 92% of those who tested positive for COVID-19 have recovered!

Save The Children Philippines Launches “E-Regalo Sa Mga Bata”

For every Php 10,000 raised through E-Regalo sa mga Bata, Save the Children will provide learning kits and life-saving essentials to 20 children.

Parents Of Child Laborers In Maguindanao Get Aid

The parents of 180 poor children in BARMM have received cash assistance from the regional government to help address the perennial problem of child labor in the region.

Hontiveros Files Bill For 100-Meter Strip Of Coastal Vegetation In Priority Areas

Senator Risa Hontiveros is pushing for a national program that will build a 100-meter strip of coastal vegetation to help provide safeguards to coastline communities vulnerable to the effects of typhoons.

Twitter Launches Its New Story-Like Feature Called ‘Fleets’

Have you tried Twitter’s newest feature?

POEA To Launch Online Job Fair On 1st Week Of December

Naghahanap ka ba ng trabaho abroad? Abangan ang online job fair ng POEA sa Disyembre!

BDJ Celebrates 15 Years Of Empowering Women To Achieve Their Dreams

Turn your dreams into reality this 2021 with these power planners from Belle de Jour!

DOT Chief Visits Baguio City, Touts Cultural Tourism With Creative Crawls

Baguio City celebrates Ibagiw 2020 to showcase the city’s rich and vibrant culture and history!

Biden To Reinvest In Asean Economic Security: Expert

With the election of President-elect Joe Biden, the United States is expected to renew alliances with Asian partners.