Get Smarter, Get Into Smartwatches

Documents, contacts, reminders, applications… almost everything is on phones now – that makes it impossible not to have your own smartphone. But whether we admit it or not, it’s hassle to receive a notification when you cannot open and use your phone and Smartwatch is one of the ultimate smartphone accessories you can use for that. Through the use of this, you may be able to read your notifications or launch apps and tell the time just by looking at your wrist.

Smartwatches may have faced failures during their first years, but right now they are proving how accessible and helpful they are. Apart from being pleasing to the eyes, smartwatches could also enable search through a voice recognition (allowing the users to go hands free), download a keyboard, messenger or applications, just like what smartphones can. Together with a newest interactive called “Complications” wherein you would be able to see your notifications, calendar appointments, and contacts – it can also function as your GPS.

There are three top brands reigning when it comes smartwatches. One of the smartwatches brand is Apple Watch 3. Apple Watch 3 is water resistant, cheaper and its battery life is longer compared to the older version. If you are going to purchase this brand, you can have two options, one is with GPS while the other has cellular connectivity on board. This is also best for sporty people because of its capacity to fit for strenuous activities such as swimming and run and cycle tracking.

LG Watch Style is also a good brand of smartwatch if you are planning to buy. The style of this smartwatch is just like the normal wrist watch but of course, with the capabilities of a smartwatch. LG Watch Style was built in collaboration with Goggle that offers almost everything a smartwatch could offer.

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Lastly on this list is the Samsung Gear Sport. With its exceptionally clear screen, Samsung Gear Sport deserves to be on this list. This smartwatch is perfect for music lovers because it has Spotify offline installed that is combined with a GPS. Aside from these, Samsung Gear Sport is also perfect for sporty people because of its 50m water proof quality.

Smartwatches may be pricier compared to other smartphone accessories but it will be worth it.

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