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Since 1993, a series of dance electronic music festivals is being held annually on the last Saturday of the month of August.

Mysteryland has always been a highlight as this three-day festival is considered the world’s longest running electronic dance music festival in Netherlands.

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Almost 250 disk jockeys together with live performances on different 16 spectacular stages gather for this festival, attended by a large audience who loves dancing and music at the same time. Visitors also get the chance to experience a one-of-a-kind musical journey as they listen and flow with the rhythm of every beat.

Festival enthusiasts from almost 50 nationalities are also welcomed during the event while pre-party and post-party celebrations are being conducted.

To keep the happenings more exciting and fun, a variety of food is also offered partnered with numerous entertainment programs to welcome the visitors. Tickets are also sold on their website for specific prices.

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