Gaming: Top 10 Greatest DotA Heroes

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Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle games played by Filipinos. In fact, you can find DotA gamers in just about every computer shop here in the Philippines.

DotA is a team-game with an objective to destroy the opponent’s Ancient, a heavily guarded structure at the opposing corner of the map.

But aside from the thrill and excitement carried by the game, strategy planning and bonding are the main reasons why a lot of Filipinos, regardless of age, are getting hooked.

And if you are one of them, you probably know the 10 greatest DotA heroes that will a good fight.

1. Jah’rakal, Troll Warlord

Jah’rakal the Troll Warlord is a ranged Agility hero. He can output mighty damage competitively at range and in melee, a good long and short range fighter.

During a close fight, Jah’rakal stats increase; gains bonus armor, movement speed, abridged base attack period, and skill to Bash.

Jah’rakal, Troll Warlord also has a superb attack speed.

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