‘Game of Thrones Season 7’ Trailer Shows A War Is About To Start

There are only a few short months left before Game of Thrones returns on screens. And it feels like the wait has been continuously dragging. But after months of fan-made teasers and videos, HBO has finally released an official and full trailer showing off hair-raising events to expect from the newest season.

Queen Cersei can be seen rallying troops for battle, while Jon Snow is preparing for war in the North. Daenerys and her dragons on the other hand are finally making their way back to Westeros with an eye to own the Iron Throne. People finally have a better idea of both the plot and action, and quick glimpses of many characters.

What’s bothering about the film is the absence of characters like Bran and Brienne. Fans are worrying if they’re out of the new season, but it’s likely that they’ll appear in a future trailer.

For now, the newest trailer has given the fans more than enough to puzzle over.

Game of Thrones is set to return for its seventh season on July 16th on HBO.

Watch the trailer here: