Forgiveness Finds Its Way To The Finale Of ABS-CBN’s Hit Series “Pusong Ligaw”

Will love be enough to lead lost hearts back to their rightful paths?

Hold on to the thrilling and must-see finale week of ABS-CBN’s hit series “Pusong Ligaw”, and find out what happens to the lives of Tessa (Beauty Gonzales), Marga (Bianca King), Caloy (Joem Bascon), Ira (Diego Loyzaga) and Vida (Sofia Andres) in the finale of the show on January 12 (Manila time), which can be seen in the Philippines via ABS-CBN and outside the country via The Filipino Channel (TFC), with streaming simulcast its Philippine airing via TFC online ( in key countries worldwide.

Tessa and Caloy’s hunt for truth continues after it was revealed that Marga and Leon (Albie Casino) were allegedly the ones behind the death of Rafa (Enzo Pineda) and Tessa’s mother (Maureen Maricio). Marga, however, decided to run away from all the accusations against her, making everyone more puzzled, that is until she falls into Jaime’s lair.

Despite the fact that she is torn between keeping or revealing the truth, Vida chose to admit the truth to Caloy and Tessa that Jaime (Raymond Bagatsing) is the mastermind and how he only manipulated Marga and Leon for his evil schemes.

Ira, on the other hand, starts to see the goodness in Tessa and slowly opens his heart to his biological mother. He even agreed to finally talk to her and patch things up personally. However, this did not happened as Jaime kidnapped Tessa on her way to meeting Ira. In captivity, Tessa and Marga reconcile after all these years.

How far will Jaime go to ruin the lives of Tessa, Caloy and Marga?

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