Five Local Philippine Provinces Now Coal-Free

As the country aims to lessen its carbon footprint, local provinces are now joining the initiative to commit to a coal-free environment. The pioneers for this sustainable movement include Ilocos Norte, Guimaras, Sorsogon, and Negros Oriental. The province of Masbate has also recently joined the list after the approval of Provincial Resolution No. 096-18, officially declaring Masbate coal-free.

To promote and protect the environment, all provinces have signed a policy not to issue any permit, authorization, or endorsements that support the development and operation of coal-fired power plants.

Ilocos Norte was the first province to lead this movement after the approval of the provincial resolution in 2016. Just this year, the list grew as Guimaras, Sorsogon, Negros Oriental, and Masbate also committed to ban the use of coal due to its hazardous effects to the environment and health of the citizens.

In line with the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, all provinces encourage the development and utilization of renewable energy to protect and reduce harmful emissions to the environment. With this, all provinces recognize their responsibility by committing to a clean and renewable atmosphere. These efforts are also aligned with the country’s carbon reduction programs to preserve the beauty of the Philippines and address global climate problems.

As more provinces commit to a coal-free environment, the country is progressing towards a more sustainable future. This initiative is a step towards addressing the country’s looming environmental problems, preserving its own local natural resources, and nurturing a healthy well-being for its citizens. By prohibiting the use of coal-fired powered plants, the eco-tourism of provinces will be preserved.

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