Find Out Which Line-Only-Plan Is The Best For You, Globe ThePLAN or Smart Giga Plan

We acquire things based on what we need. Well, that’s the basic rule of supply and demand.

But hey, I don’t want to talk about the complexity of that rule. As what the title says, let’s need to find out which Line-Only plan best suits your phone needs.

Line-Only Plan is a typical telco plan that comes without handset or phone.

Meaning text, calls and data focus plan. This kind of plan also goes with shorter contract.

To give you an idea about which plan offers which, here is the table with corresponding Plan inclusions.

Smart Giga Plan

Globe ThePlan

Based on the table above, Smart Giga Plan offers bigger data bundle with sufficient calls and unlimited all net texts, so of you are the kind of person who likes to keep updated with the current trends and has an active social media lifestyle, this plan is the best match.

Globe ThePlan offers adequate data but comes with unli- Globe/TM calls and unlimited texts to all networks. This plan works best for people who needs to maintain good and lasting communications.