Filipino Homes Welcome A New Kitchen Partner: Phoenix SUPER LPG

In the Philippines, it is no wonder that the kitchen is the heart of the home because Filipinos simply love to cook. Now, Filipino homemakers and families have a more efficient, convenient and safe partner in cooking with the new Phoenix SUPER LPG.

Phoenix Petroleum—the fastest-growing, leading independent oil company in the country—has come up with an LPG product that better suits today’s modern cooking lifestyle. A key innovation of Phoenix SUPER LPG is its Germany-made SRG regulator that is easy to install with its snap-on mechanism. The regulator can follow the hose’s direction easily so there is no struggle in setting up the tank and positioning it.

Most importantly, Phoenix SUPER LPG’s regulator boasts of innovative safety features that help guard against fire and accidents in the home. Its safety valve stops LPG flow in case of a leak, and a tight and secured connecting system ensures accuracy and reliability of the tank’s on-and-off switch. For added convenience, the SRG regulator has a reserve indicator that lets users know if fuel is running out and it’s time to get a new tank.

Phoenix SUPER LPG comes in a standard 11-kilogram tank perfect for use in the home and larger 22- & 50-kilogram tanks for commercial and business use. Aside from topnotch design and quality, Phoenix also offers exceptional service through its more than 250 SUPER LPG hubs all over the country, where customers can avail of free product installation and handling assistance. Buyers can also fill out an order request form online at or call the #SUPER (#78737) hotline.

Filipino families have a more efficient, convenient and safe partner in cooking with the new Phoenix SUPER LPG

Compared to traditional methods of using open fire and solid fuel, LPG continues to be a the most ideal fuel of choice for home cooking. Not only is it safer but it is also better for the environment. With Phoenix SUPER LPG, more and more Filipino families can enjoy a pleasurable and safe cooking experience.

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