Feng Shui Tips To Bring You Good Luck This Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year! February 16 marks the day of Chinese New Year celebrations all around the world for year 2018. Since the Chinese culture has very deep roots in the Philippines, of course we’re celebrating this annual festival. Along with the festivities comes the traditions which includes giving of red envelopes, dragon dances in China Town, wearing of the color red, fortune telling, and of course, feng shui.

2018 is the year of the Earth Dog, so it goes without saying that those that were born in the year of the dog will have good luck this year. How about those who weren’t? Well, it depends on the zodiac, but the best way to ensure good luck for those who weren’t born in the year of the dog is to take advantage of feng shui.

House decoration, ready for CNY… Huat ah!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that combines Chinese philosophy and space planning, and here are some of the most effective and practical feng shui tips that you can do for your home.

So, first things first–main entrance. Your main entrance should stand out. You could repaint your door and add plants and lighting to achieve this. Make sure to fix squeaky doors and keep the door clean. A good way to invite positive energy into the house is to place a bookshelf near the entrance, just make sure it’s not obstructing the space.

Now, onto the living room. It’s very ideal in feng shui that living rooms be located at the center of the house. Furniture should also be placed in the west and south areas to take advantage of the sunlight during the day. Make sure the area is also properly ventilated; clean your windows and get light colored curtains to encourage sunlight and to make the space feel light and airy. Make sure you don’t fill your living room with too much stuff and furniture because that might hinder the flow of positive energy.

Next stop–dining room. What’s important here is that the corners of your dining table must not point towards resting places like the living room or a bedroom; it’s also best to have a round or oval shaped dining table as it allows chi to flow through the room. Avoid putting stuff like televisions or clocks in the dining room as they cause distractions during dinner. Put plants and artwork instead to brighten the space.

Agregar Color ? es más sencillo de lo que parece. Muchas veces los elementos de nuestra vida cotidiana son perfectos para crear un ambiente de en Armonía con #decoracionconfengshui. Este ejemplo , además es ideal porque si se trata de una coordenada que activa energía favorable y necesita ser usada, las personas siempre se acercarán para buscar una manzana y hasta pueden comerla sentadas en la mesa. La Armonía y prosperidad es un estilo de vida y hacer Feng Shui nos ayuda a vivir así. Es cuestión de sincronía con el Universo que es tan perfecto. Que te parece ? Te gusta ? En esa coordenada que toca color rojo y te conviene una cesta de frutas puedes apoyarte con esta idea. #cursogratisdefengshui. En el Tutorial Feng Shui 2018 en mi canal de YouTube te explico todo por coordenada . (Link en mi Biografía) _______________________________________________________ #decoracion #decoraciondeinteriores #diseñodeinteriores #interiordesign #fengshuimiami #fengshui #fengshuicharms #buenfengshui #fengshui2 #fengshuilifestyle #fengshuiconsultant #fengshuitoday #fengshuideco #influencer #fengshuitips88 #miami #weston #brickell #mexico #homedesign #livingroom #fengshuitips #tips #homedecor #fengshui2018 #añodelperro #añonuevochino • • •

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For the kitchen, it shouldn’t be too near the back door or the main entrance; it should serve as the center of command inside the house. What’s important is the stove should be facing the kitchen door. Also, fill empty spaces such as the areas above with overhead cabinets and plants.

Going into the bedrooms, the bed should be at the opposite position where you can see the door. Again, avoid televisions in this space, but if you really must have it in your bedroom, cover it when not in use. Put natural elements instead of artificial decors to improve rest and keep a quiet energy in the room.

If you’re in a new marriage, long term committed relationship or moving in with a partner, get rid of furniture that has negative/old energy from previous relationships. Get a new mattress at the very least because nobody wants to be sharing a bed that other partners slept in. Also, whatever pieces of furniture you spent time fighting on, replace it. For example, if you always got in a fight on the couch or in the kitchen, replace it with new furniture. You want to make sure you’re clearing out old energy so you can start brand new with your partner. Pro tip: use palo santo or sage weekly, in your home, to clear out negative energy and energy from visitors in your home. ? @marshallwatsoninteriors • • • • #homedecor #interiors #interiordesign #interiordesigner #luxurylifestyle #luxuryhome #realestate #realtor #realtorlife #losangeles #oc #orangecounty #LA #raiseyourvibration #spiritualgangster #chi #energy #balance #fengshui #homegoals #homesweethome

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Lastly–the bathroom. In feng shui, ideally, it should be located away from the kitchen, living, and dining room as much as possible. Always remember to keep the door close and provide cabinets and shelves to keep things organized.

For greater luck, why not get a dog as well? They’re man’s best friend anyway, so what are you gonna lose, right? Unless you’re allergic, if that’s the case, just stick to the tips.

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