Feel At Home With Baguio’s ‘Forest House Bistro & Cafe’

Forest House Bistro & Cafe has been attracting tourists not only from the Philippines but from all around the globe.

Greenery, ferns, orchids and a waterfall fountain will welcome you as you enter the restaurant and you will surely be amazed with the interior as it is filled with rustic country decorations that gives a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

The garden-like entrance might be one of the reasons why the cafe has been accommodating bunch of people but another reason is of their dishes’ amazing visual and extravagant taste.

The interior will really make your jaw drop because of its elegance.

The cafe also observes politeness and manners. Look at their cute kitchen messages.

Decorations on their doors are so cute that you won’t be able to easily take your attention away from it.

Eating outside will also make you feel comfortable like you are just eating right outside your home.

The warm and cozy ambiance is one of a kind that will keep you glued to your chairs and not want to get out.

Relaxation & comfort come at its finest as you listen to Baguio’s best musicians serenading you with tastes of music from jazz, classics, standards and you can even request a song that will make you reminisce about the memories of the past.

The restaurant serves starters or appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, seafood, meat, pork, vegetarian meals, desserts, and various buffet menus.

A trip to Baguio will not be complete without visiting Forest House Bistro & Cafe!

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