Experience The Rush In Samar’s Torpedo Extreme Boat Ride In Ulot River

Looking for an adrenaline rush? You don’t need to go far for an extreme activity. Experiencing these kinds of activities can give you a stronger heart and body. People usually do this to exercise their muscles and to just relax and go far from the concrete jungle they see every day.

If adventure and thrill is what you are looking for, Samar’s accelerating torpedo ride in Ulot river is for you. Ulot river is Samar’s longest river. The word TORPEDO stands for Tour Guides and Boat Operators for River Protection and Environmental Development Organization. This activity is just like water rafting but without the need of paddling because the boats are equipped with engines for navigation.

Before doing the tour, we first had a very short briefing at the drop-off point. The boat driver informed us that it will take us roughly 40 minutes to reach Deni’s Point where we will experience jumping in the raging river like jumping in a washing machine.

During the torpedo extreme ride, I had a rush because of the lefts and rights of the boat. You will surely get wet because of the splash. You will arrive at Deni point 100% wet. Don’t worry about your gadgets and things because they have plastics to cover them up so that they won’t be wet when you reach Deni point.

Aside from seeing the natural beauty of nature, bird watching is also one of the things I enjoyed doing while we are at the extreme boat ride. You will really see different species of birds flying together. This is a sign that these forests and rivers are untouched and well maintained by the locals.

After arriving at Deni point, what welcomed us are piles of beautiful rocks and a beautiful raging river. The tour guide told us that we can jump at the river and experience a washing machine kind of rush.

And because I love to take risks, I jumped at the raging river. At first, I was scared because the water really goes so fast and you must hold on to the rope on the other side. It really felt like I was inside a washing machine. After jumping the first time, I told my friends that it was fun, and I did it for like five times more.

Other activities you can do while you’re at Deni point are eating and swimming. It’s really an exciting adventure that you can try this summer!

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