Experience The Culture Of The Negros Island Through Its Mouth-Watering Food

The Philippines is a country rich in culture, people, and natural resources, so it is no surprise that the Filipino cuisine would be just as rich.

The Negros Island in Visayas is no exception. From Bacolod to Dumaguete, its wide array of traditional and modern cuisines mirrors the culture and influences that Negros had over the centuries. So, to truly experience the Negros Island, you have to do it through your stomach! Here are some few places you need to visit on your next trip to Negros.

Located in Bantayan, Dumaguete City, Gabby’s Bistro is one of Dumaguete’s most famous food haunts known for its Filipino silog meals and American breakfast meals. Its cozy and welcoming atmosphere makes it a great place for families, couples, or even solo travelers to enjoy a good meal. What makes Gabby’s Bistro unique is that each room is aesthetically different from the other. You’ll find colorful seats in one room and in the other, you’ll find cartoon paintings of Elvis and Princess Diana on the walls.

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If you ever find yourself in Dumaguete, buying Sans Rival cake and Silvanas at the ‘Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries’ is a must! Known for their Sans Rival and Silvanas, it is the best place to eat great-tasting pastries and to buy pasalubong. If you don’t like the buttercream silvanas, you can try their chocolate silvanas.

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Embrace your Filipino roots in Dumaguete’s Lantaw Native Restaurant. Located along E.J. Blanco Drive, the native restaurant offers traditional Filipino food served on banana leaves and bilao. The restaurant’s signature Cordova express is a must-try dish as well as the baked scallops and the fried Bakasi (eel) or Bakasi soup.


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Aside from their amazing food, you’ll also love the restaurant’s interior that screams Filipino fiesta. Like traditional houses, you can find bamboo and nipa inside the restaurant. Even the ceiling area is entirely covered by bilao in different sizes!

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Rizal Boulevard, named after National Hero Jose Rizal, is a place where you can enjoy an evening stroll by the sea and unleash your inner foodie at the multitude of restaurants, clubs, and street food vendors lining the boulevard.

While restaurants like Lantaw and Gabby’s Bistro give us a variety of food options, you’ll find the food along the boulevard closer to the hearts and culture of Dumaguete.

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You can find balut and other street food along the boulevard, and you can even eat at the tables provided by the street vendors.

You can even find vendors selling sea urchin!

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Bacolod is home of the favorite chicken inasal, so if you want to taste the legit, authentic chicken inasal, the Manokan Country should be on your travel bucket list. The Manokan Country is a complex of restaurants and stalls that, you guessed it–sell chicken inasal. There are a lot of options, but Aida’s Chicken is the crowd favorite. You can even order isol (chicken tail), puso (heart), atay (liver) and paa (feet).

Eron’s Cansi House is one of the best Cansihan in Bacolod. Some would say that the Cansi is the delicious, mouth-watering lovechild of Bulalo and Sinigang, but Cansi is on another level itself. The Cansi is a traditional Ilonggo beef soup with beef shank and bone marrow as the primary ingredients. It’s the perfect fix for cold nights and rainy days.

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As a popular tourist destination, Negros offers a variety of activities, places to visit, and exotic cuisines. So whether you’re craving for a sweet slice of sans rival cake or trying out staples like the cansi and the chicken inasal, the Negros Island will have your taste buds tickled and your stomach satisfied!