Environmental Advocate Gina Lopez Dies At 65

Filipino environmentalist and philanthropist, dies at 65 due to multiple organ failure brought on by brain cancer, which she never disclosed to the public.

Gina Lopez was a cherished member of the ABS-CBN Foundation and a long-time advocate for the environment, serving as the chairperson of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission. Gina Lopez was also part of the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) under President Duterte.

“What I want to do is to show that going green is the way to go, like taking care of our islands. So that our people stop going overseas, stop living in the esteros,” she said during an interview with Metro.Style. “My dream is to be able to put up green economies based on love.”

Lopez had been an asset to the Philippines’ environment protection scene but aside from that, she had been the face of empowered women, as she tried to defeat breast cancer through natural and holistic methods. In a statement, ABS-CBN described her as “the pillar of strength that pushed [ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.] to achieve what seemed to be impossible.”

Known politicians and personalities have been posting on social media and expressing their profound grief over Lopez’s passing. JV Ejercito tweeted, “My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Sec. Gina. She is one lady whose courage we will never forget.”

Teddy Locsin Jr. captioned his post with the words, “And yet she was all alone against the mining community. The fate of crusaders is to be alone until they are dead; then they have plenty of company. I told her, “Gina, I can fix things; just shut up.” ”No, Teddy Boy, if I shut up, they’ll still screw me; then it looks like consent.”

Kuya Kim Atienza, likewise, posted, ”I love you dear friend. You will be missed.”

And Akbayan Senator, Risa Hontiveros said, “Gina fought with everything she had against big polluters. She’ll always be remembered that way: as a fighter whose legacy will be remembered by many. Salamat, Gina. Rest in peace.

Photo Credit: Gina Lopez Official Facebook Page

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