Enchong Dee Offers A Ride To Alexa Ilacad After Her Poor Grab Experience

Goodbye UBER, Hello Grab! As we all know, Grab is our only option if we want to book a ride today.

Ever since Grab took over the Southeast Asia operations from Uber, more people are experiencing bad service from them. One of the people who experienced poor service from Grab is the 18 year old singer and actress, Alexa Ilacad.

Alexa posted a tweet about her experience with Grab.

She wrote, “You have such poor service! @grabph All drivers I booked today were unnecessarily mean, rude, & extremely arrogant.”

“Sila pa may ganang manakot at magsalita ng masama? Wow. THEN you suspend our accounts? Kami na na hassle, kami pa na suspend ang account? Anong klaseng service yan!”

After her tweet, her model and actor friend, Enchong Dee retweeted her post and offered her a ride.

Enchong said, “Pagdadrive nalang kita maam”

It seemed that Alexa loved the idea of Enchong’s offer and replied, “On second thought… thank you Grab.”

Netizens loved Alexa and Enchong’s sweet exchange of tweets. What about you? How is Grab for you so far?

Photo Credit: Alexa Ilacad (IG)

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