Emoji Throwback: Google Is Restoring Old Android Emojis

In line with Google’s upcoming smartphone with Android’s O Operating system, Google is completely restoring old Android emojis with amazing flood system upgrades including Picture in picture, better autofill and notification dots.

The iconic round smiley faces can now be part of everyone’s daily conversation, the gel-like smiley faces from the old versions of Android are being replaced for a nostalgic Android emoji comeback.

According to reports, most of the old Android emojis will be getting a revamp. There will also be a new set of emojis, the Emoji 5.0 that will be fully compatible with Android.

Android O will be available in the third quarter of the year. However, Google Pixel phone users can sign up for beta now to experience the nostalgic emoji throwback.

Photo Credit: Emojipedia/Google