Ella Cruz On Being Gonzales’ Admirer’s Ex-GF: ‘Not Real’

Kapamilya actress-dancer Ella Cruz has denied rumors that she had a relationship with the Hong Kong-based CEO who went viral after proposing a coffee date to Erich Gonzales via billboard.

Despite all the photos that resurfaced, Cruz took to Twitter and released a statement, debunking speculations of her connection to Gonzales’ admirer.

On July 2, Christian “Xian” Gaza, a young CEO of Guanxiqian Group in Hong Kong trended after his viral billboard asking Erich Gonazales out for coffee.

Afterwards, a netizen named Dewanie Catapang went to Twitter to expose the guy and his doings. Using the Twitter username @waniedoo, she stated that Erich Gonzales wasn’t the only celebrity allegedly that Gaza tried to make a move on.

Her statements then urged netizens to research about the bachelor. In his Instagram account, they’ve discovered a photo of him and Cruz (which is now deleted), captioned “All I want is to see you happy and successful in life, even that happiness no longer includes me.” This made them believe that Cruz was his former girlfriend. However, she adamantly said that she wasn’t.

Just after Gaza’s billboard proposal went viral, the teen actress’s mother accused him of ‘stalking’ her daughter and ‘scamming’ her family in recent reports.

Meanwhile, Cruz commented on the coffee date proposal of Gaza via billboard.

Xian Gaza already released his side of story about the alleged scamming and blackmailing through his Facebook personal account.