After the cold season, you’ve protected your skin enough from burning and darkening. You don’t want to waste that ample effort, do you?

Ultraviolet rays such as UVA and UVB rays are the most damaging to your skin. While UVB is responsible for the sunburn, UVA is more harmful for it causes a long-term damaging effects such as wrinkling and premature aging. And if there’s something that can keep you away from those, it is the Sun Protection Factor or SPF that you see in every sunscreen bottle.

Make-up has been every woman’s daily routine. But, one thing that women consider as the most important make-up; it’s the foundation or concealer that helps them hide their little imperfections. Applying both foundation and sunblock might feel to thick on your skin but it doesn’t have to be. Belo Medical Group made an easy way for women who wish to protect their skin and conceal their imperfections at the same time.

Belo SunExpert Tinted Suncreen is one of the first multipurpose tinted sunscreens in the Philippines. It acts as a sunblock as it has SPF 50 PA++++ that gives a broad skin protection against the harmful UV rays. Plus, it also acts as a foundation in the shade medium to deep with a Tone Adapt Technology that can even out your skin and conceal the fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and other unpleasant imperfections.

The beneficial thing about this product is that, it offers a complete package for SPF isn’t only needed whenever you’re outside or at the beach but little did you know that light bulbs from indoors can also affect your skin. Aside from that it’s also light on the skin and it is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic which is suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

Something to protect me from the sun’s harmful UV rays.☀️. I really need this because I have freckles.🤫 It’s something that hides my imperfections and protects my skin at the same time. Plus it’s lightweight ‘coz you don’t have to put too much creams on your face. Just one is enough. It’s a great substitute to bb creams & foundations. It is suggested that people whose skin tends to freckle should avoid overexposure to sun and use sunscreen. “One of the first tinted sunscreens in the country that offers the superior sun protection you need with the perfect skin coverage you desire. Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen is rated SPF50 and PA++++ for broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. Its light tint benefits from Tone Adapt Technology that evens out your skin tone and conceals fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. And it has Cell Protect defends against premature skin aging. “ Got it for 449.75 Php #belotintedsunscreen #belosunexpert #belotintedsunscreen #belo #sunscreen

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Women can’t deny the benefit of this product for a lot of vloggers have already made their own video reviews about how good and beneficial the product is and make-up tutorials using this Belo tinted screen as their make-up base. Some of these vloggers are:

Laureen Uy,

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Michelle Dy,

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Nicole Anderson,

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Angel Dei,

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and Kryz Uy.

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You can buy a foundation and a sunscreen with Belo Tinted Sunscreen for as low as P 450. Belo Tinted sunscreen is available at the leading drugstores, department stores and supermarkets.