DOE Conducts Random Inspection Of Gas Stations In QC

The Department of Energy (DOE) is intensifying its efforts to make sure oil firms are complying with the department’s rules and regulations, particularly on the quality and quantity of oil they sell.

On the second day of its random inspection of gas stations on Thursday, the DOE checked four stations in Quezon City – Nation, PTT, Ryoaki, and Xfinity.

“The 4 gas stations all passed the quantity calibration, as well as the quality test,” Renante Sevilla, head of DOE’s Retail Market Monitoring Special Concern Division, told the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

Sevilla led the DOE that went around Quezon City for the inspection.

The DOE originally targeted to inspect 10 gasoline stations on Thursday but Sevilla said the sudden downpour and a bit longer inspection process slowed them down.

He added Nation and Xfinity also need a retesting of their diesel products at the DOE testing laboratory.

“Our chemist recommended the retest. The chemist did not elaborate on the details. Let’s just wait for the results,” Sevilla said.

On Wednesday, DOE representatives went to 13 gasoline stations along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong and Pasig areas.

In the afternoon, the team reported that the 13 stations passed the DOE’s quality standards. It also noted that the quantity of their pump products was okay, and some of them even dispensed more.

The random inspection on gas stations, Sevilla said, is a continuous effort of the agency to monitor the facilities.

“It is mandatory, particularly for our unit,” he said. “We need to ensure the public that the petroleum products they buy have the right quality and quantity.” (PNA)

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