Do This To Stop Companies From Getting Your Personal Info From Facebook

Hello fellow Facebook users! You might want to check your Facebook third-party app settings because it might be giving the outside companies an access to your personal information through your Facebook apps.

It has been reported that the Cambridge Analytica research firm acquired at least 50 million personal datas from the Facebook users and they used that information as part of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. Facebook claimed that the research firm broke the rules in retaining and using the data.

To remove the third-party apps:

Visit the Facebook’s App Settings page

Remove the third-party apps

You may also want to modify the amount of information you are sharing

By editing the amount of information that you are handing over to an app, you can protect your personal data. You can limit the app’s permission if you click the edit button. After clicking it you will see the individual settings of an app and the data that they are collecting. You can nullify permissions in here.

Make sure that you delete your personal information

Third-party applications already stored some of your data, make sure to contact the app developer and ask them to delete that information.

Click the Report App then select, I want to send my own message to the developer. Send a request that you want to remove your personal information that they have stored.

Keep in mind that you should always look at the app’s privacy policy to see more details on how the app is using you data.

Apps Others Use

You should look also at the Facebook’s app settings page and find the Apps Others Use . Click Edit to limit what your friends on Facebook whenever they will enable third-party apps. Deselect the information that you don’t want to share to others.

Lastly, Secure your data

Go to settings

Click on General

Click on Download a copy

Always check the applications that you are installing and adding in your Facebook account. They might be using your information or even hacking you data. Be careful and make sure that you are only sharing an information that you want others to see. Always think before you click!