Disney Princesses’ Real-Life Depiction Of Today’s Horrors

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Disney’s iconic princesses played an important role in every girl’s childhood. They have become a symbol of purity, beauty, feel-good emotions, and happy endings. But what if these characters depicted real-life problems that women, or even men, face today?

In a series of photos, Philadelphia-based photographer Shannon Dermody featured nine Disney princesses suffering different kinds of violence and addiction like rape, physical abuse, and drug addiction. These exposed the darkest aspects of our reality of which the majority of people are facing everyday.

Her craft received varying opinions on the characters depiction. Some say that the photos show the real ending of the story based on the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale. Others argue that these problem has nothing to do with the princess’ story. However, she stated in her website that her “concept was to show awareness to world problems” using the princesses.

While the following crush the ‘perfect’ ideas of the princesses, it conveys the events that unfolds in the world today.

Beware, what you’re about to see are disturbing graphical portrayals of ruthless reality.

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