DepEd Provincial Division Restores Jurisdiction Over Schools

Public schools in the province’s four gulf towns in Davao Oriental are now back to their rightful schools’ division as the jurisdiction over them was formally turned over to the Department of Education Region 11 (DepEd 11) Davao Oriental Division.

In an interview on Sunday Karen Lou Deloso, Davao Oriental provincial information head, said a ceremonial turnover on Friday was held to officially transfer the administrative and supervisory jurisdiction of elementary and secondary schools in the municipalities of Banaybanay, Lupon, San Isidro, and Governor Generoso from the Schools Division of the City of Mati to the Schools Division of Davao Oriental.

She added the reversion took effect through a memorandum signed in August by DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones, putting an end to the three-year contest over the jurisdiction of schools in the four towns.

Based on the documents submitted by the regional office to the Office of the Secretary, the previous set-up has “created serious administrative and supervisory overlaps, confusion, and inefficiency in the monitoring and evaluation of students’ achievements in both Schools Divisions, as well as in statistical reporting, planning, investment, programming, performance assessment, and other similar undertakings.”

The documents provided clearly shows that under the Davao Oriental Division are the 10 municipalities covering the first and second districts of the province.

Section 50 of the Republic Act 9408 states that “DepEd shall establish and maintain a city schools division of the City of Mati whose jurisdiction will cover all the school districts within the city.

Meanwhile, during the turnover ceremony, DepEd OIC Regional Director, Dr. Evelyn Fetalvero, congratulated the Davao Oriental Provincial Division “for getting back your sons and daughters.”

On the other hand, while the reversion of jurisdiction has significantly reduced the Mati City Division’s number of personnel, the DepEd Regional Office sees an opportunity for it to concentrate more on the administration and supervision of the schools within the city.

“So, this would mean better performance can be expected from the Mati City Division because of lesser personnel and lesser schools to supervise and monitor,” Fetalvero said.

She assured the city division that its status of being a medium-size category schools division office will be maintained.

While there are only 751 teachers required to maintain a medium-size category schools division, she said the current 1,000-strong city division is more than enough to maintain its status even with the reduction of teachers from the four municipalities.

The city government of Mati has declared its strong support for the reversion.

Lawyer Alejandro Aquino, City of Mati Administrator, assured the city division that the city government will provide support to it in terms of facilities and finances.

For the part of the provincial government, Governor Nelson Dayanghirang, who was represented by Technical Assistant Ma. Gracia Tiago, extended his congratulations to the Davao Oriental Division, the provincial government, and the city and municipal mayors of Davao Oriental who were involved in the reversion.

“Through the concerted efforts, we have proven that with commitment we can overcome many obstacles that stand in our way. Indeed, this is a highly commendable and strategic decision that creates a clear picture of the quality of education that the DepEd aims to achieve,” he said.

“The plan and vision is very clear, that is why we are confident that the programs will continue to run smoothly and change for the better is now taking place,” the governor added. (PNA)

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