Daewoo Appliance Sales Hit 100K Units In SE Asia

South Korean home appliance maker Daewoo said Tuesday that sales of its “localized” products for the Southeast Asian market have reached 100,000 units since their release some two years ago.

The company said its customized washer, first released in Indonesia in 2016 and later expanded to Malaysia last year, comes with a “Batik Care Wash Program” to help residents better clean traditional clothes.

Daewoo also released an oven optimized to cook “ayam goreng,” which is a popular chicken dish in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The South Korean company said it plans to release more appliances that meet the needs of local consumers in 2018 and forge deeper ties with local retailers that can lead to expanded sales going forward.

Daewoo said not only would the customized products lead to better performance, they would also improve the firm’s brand reputation in the region. (Yonhap)

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