Cybersecurity As A Norm In Philippine Businesses

As one of the fastest rising stars of the Asia-Pacific region, the Philippines is seen as a promising haven of investments for many businesses. However, this also means that it continuously catches the eye of many cyber criminals and terrorist groups. According to a recent report by FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), the Philippines is the 10th most attacked country globally.

Despite this, 60% of Philippine enterprises are reported to be not adequately equipped with cybersecurity infrastructures fit for the standards that today’s digital ecosystem demands. With the recently formulated National Cybersecurity Plan 2022 (NCSP) by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and the implementation of the Data Privacy Act of 2012, the significance of a robust cybersecurity infrastructure in the country is even more underscored, especially to thriving local businesses.

Local IT expert and ePLDT Group Chief Information Security Officer Angel Redoble cites the increasing intelligence of cyber criminals as the main catalyst for the group’s push for its cyber security solutions offerings: “The incidence of cyber threats has increased over the years and have affected both public and private organizations. Hackers have become smarter, impacting business sustainability and innovation and threatening private information and public safety. The only definite solution for this is to develop an even more intelligent and holistic security infrastructure and practices.”

ePLDT Group Chief Operating Officer Nerisse Ramos underscores this significance with the brief introduction on what the group offers and would offer in the near future to address cybersecurity concerns and improve on the overall digital security landscape in the Philippines: Like other groups within the PLDT family, ePLDT is pledged to pave avenues for solutions that are not only advanced, but are tailor-fit for any business cybersecurity concern from proactive detection to active solution of threats.”

Tied with PLDT Enterprise’s commitment to leading the path towards a smarter and more connected Philippines, SVP & Head PLDT & SMART Enterprise Groups Jovy Hernandez shares the group’s excitement over this new endeavor: “Connected, secured, and smart: these are the pillars of a smart community in the age of digitalization. As the vowed partner of the Filipino towards a smarter Philippines, we are grateful and excited to take on this challenge of improving cybersecurity conditions in the country, especially for businesses who are cornerstones of our flourishing economy. The key to establishing a stable economy is to establish and grow stable businesses. One key factor to this is to assure that these businesses are solid and secure.”