Creative Team Behind Viral Water Container Campaign Thanks Their Boss For Trusting Them

Weeks ago, you might have stumbled upon a satirical home shopping episode of a water container called “TotoO Shopping”.

But the laughs didn’t end there after a Facebook user posted a photo of the plastic brand’s honest-to-god billboard along NLEX which made them viral again.

Their straightforward approach has left netizens (and us, too!) more curious. Here are some that we have gathered:

Overwhelmed by the immense attention that their client has been receiving, a member of the brand’s creative team posted this on Facebook:

#Hambogbrag; Iflex lang namin yung kliyente namin,” the post started.

The user went on, stating that they produced over 20 outputs ranging from billboards, (programmatic) banner ads, and Google SEO for this campaign. He continues that despite aiming for authenticity , they are scared for this bold execution. He further praises his boss who turned out to be more fearless than them.

In addition, he reveals that their sales escalated up to 24.5%; He has no idea how many that is, but he’s sure it’s not negative.

Are they going to have an endorser now?

He then concludes that telling the story behind the viral campaign brings him joy, and his inbox is open for questions.

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