Cora Waddell Name-drops The Most Annoying ‘PBB’ Housemate

PBB 7th Big Placer Cora Waddell frankly answered who, to her, was the most annoying housemate in the Pinoy Big Brother house at the late-night talk show Tonight With Boy Abunda, last Tuesday night.

After being asked who got on her nerves, the ‘dazzling daughter ng Bulacan’ name-dropped Baninay Bautista immediately.

Cora and Baninay frequently had arguments inside the house.

It was during the Fast Talk segment of the show when Waddell pointed it out, which is why there was no chance for her to elaborate her reasons on why she found Baninay annoying.

Watch the video here:

Video Credit: Youtube: ABS-CBN Entertainment

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