Consultation On Proposed Kalibo Airport Expansion Starts

The Aklan provincial government started its week-long consultation with town residents of both Kalibo and New Washington on the proposed expansion of the Kalibo International Airport (KIA).

The consultation, to end on November 17, is in response to the mandate of the Department of Transportation (DoTr).

“Certain parcels of land located in the barangays of Nalook, Tigayon, Estancia in Kalibo and Puis, New Washington will be acquired for the proposed expansion of KIA,” said Provincial Administrator Selwayn Ibaretta, vice chairperson of the Provincial Site Acquisition Committee.

The development includes construction of new apron and terminal at the airport.

“However, prior to aviation facility improvements, site acquisition activities must be undertaken and given priority to provide the project a right of way. There is an immediate and imperative need for the DoTr to acquire properties in Kalibo and New Washington,” Ibaretta said.

“The DoTr sought to expropriate properties as it will be needed for the implementation of the expansion project,” he added.

Land owners affected by the said expansion are expected to attend the consultation to be held at the Aklan Trade Hall of the Provincial Capitol.

It was learned that the said discussions on the acquisition of lot of the airport started two years ago. (JNA/PNA)

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