College Student Cries As Parents Weren’t Able To Attend Graduation

Graduation is the highest achievement a student aiming for a degree in college can get — it may take four years; some, two — and some even maybe a decade.

It’s that time of the month when parents, friends, cousins and everyone you can think of related to you visits you on your day of transformation from a student to a soon-to-be breadwinner of the family.

Most families are already happy with a child finishing a degree in college and even more so when s/he receives an award. It’s that time when the graduated students finally give back all the effort of their parents through a hug and a diploma.

But of course, not all.

Jeric R. Rivas, who attained a degree of BS Criminology, graduated with honors and was seen crying during his graduation. These weren’t tears of joy — Jeric was devastated.

Yet again, his parents failed to come to his graduation, the same way they didn’t attend his elementary graduation.

In his Facebook post, Jeric disclosed that he was not given support in tuition fees while his other siblings received some.

He confessed that it was because “hindi tanggap ng magulang ko ang pagkatao ko”.

It wasn’t easy for the fresh graduate: He had to do part-time jobs, experience days without eating and received no support at all from his parents. In fact, he disclosed that he still gets scorn from his parents occasionally, saying that he will never be successful in life, even after he attained the degree and an award.

Jeric was hesitant to climb up the stage and receive his award when his name was called. With no parents to wrap the award around his neck, it was really hard for him. Thankfully, his professors who knew his situation stood up for him and went to the stage with Jeric to receive the efforts of his hard work.