Chocolate Lover’s Paradise at Tsokolateria Baguio

It’s safe to say that most of us, whether young or old, love chocolate. Some love it for the nostalgia it brings, while other crave for its sweet and sometimes semi-bitter taste. In fact, our love for chocolate has gone beyond its use in beverages or desserts, as more and more integrate them into various dishes.

As self-confessed chocolate lovers, our sweet tooth – or chocolate loving tooth, lead us to one of Baguio’s beloved cafés known for their chocolate dishes and beverages. Nested at the middle of the iconic Igorrot stairs, Tsokolateria serves up some of Baguio’s best chocolate infused dishes and drinks.

During our visit, we made sure that we got to try some of the café’s best sellers, which eventually filled-up our table with scrumptious dishes and piping hot drinks. The way Tsokolateria presented their menu items was also a cut above the other cafés in Baguio, thanks to its interactive and Instagram-ready appeal.

First on our plate was the ‘Tablea Champorado’ served on a hot stone-type bowl, on the side of crispy pork slices and dried fish with condensed milk – and more chocolate.

Though done the traditional way, they presented it differently and elevated the typical chocolate mountain rice porridge with its texture, consistency, and add-ons – making it a must try.

After starting things off with something traditional, we tried out their pancake soufflé which reminded us of a typical Bibingka – but much lighter and tastier.

Among their various choices, we ordered their ‘Bibingka At Itlog na Maalat Condensada’ and ‘Calamansi’ soufflés.

Both served with a chocolate sauce on the side, the two soufflés were fluffy with the proper balanced infusion of flavor – especially for the Calamansi soufflé.

Moving on to something savory, we tried their ‘Longganisa Pasta with Tablea Nibs’, which included Baguio’s signature recado longganisa, roasted garlic, and cacao nibs.

Cooked slightly toasted with the roasted garlic, the longganisa was the star of the dish, which was elevated by the cocoa nibs. The pasta was also served with a chocolate biscotti and salad with a vinaigrette dressing.

A visit to Tsokolateria isn’t complete without trying their selection chocolate drinks. For this, we ordered their House Blend, Sili Labuyo Tsoko Blend, Frozen Hot Tsoko, and Tsoko Mallows.

The House Blend is a must try, as it sets itself as the base for your hot chocolate journey when trying out the other drinks on the menu.

Made the traditional way and served with a batirol, the rich chocolate drink has the right sweetness and runny consistency – different from the old fashioned thick hot chocolates.

The Sili Labuyo Tsoko Blend, on the other hand, was quite like the House Blend but with a little kick from the bird’s eye chilies.

Though already incorporated in the drink itself, we were also given the option to heighten-up the heat with more chilies on the side. Flavor wise, the chilies rounded up quite well in the drink giving us the perfect balance of heat and sweetness – be careful though when adding more sliced chilies to your drink.

Out of all the drinks we tried, the Frozen Tsoko and Tsoko Mallows were clear-cut winners – if it was a competition among the Tsokolateria drinks.

The Tsoko Mallows by itself brought back childhood memories with the slightly toasted mallows on a cup with the House Blend hot chocolate. It was literally like s’mores in a cup – minus the grahams.

While the Frozen Tsoko was utter perfection with the ice cream that gave the hot chocolate its creamy and smooth consistency. One of our favorites, this chocolate drink was served with ice cream, which you can mix in with the hot House Blend.

For those wanting to try a little bit of each, we highly recommend their Tablea Sampler which gives you small cups of each variant on a wooden tray.

With all these choices to choose from, Tsokolateria should undoubtedly be included in your Baguio itinerary. Tsokolateria is located at the Igorrot Stairs, Upper Session Road, Baguio City – just below SM City Baguio and beside Casa Vallejo.

For those wanting to try out their chocolate goodness but aren’t sold with long drive to Baguio, they can try Tsokolateria’s Tagaytay branch at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast.

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