‘Chinese Only’ Food Park In Alabang Brewed Comments From Filipino Netizens

Have you ever heard of a food park named China Food City? This food park offers authentic Chinese cuisine from its food menu to the beverages they offer. If you’re looking for Chinese flavors to satisfy your cravings, then this is the perfect place for you to get indulged and scratch that itch at the end of your tongue. Just one catch: if you aren’t Chinese, then you’re not allowed to enter the premises of the food park.

The food park has all its signage written in Chinese, including their menus. Almost all of the place’s employees are Chinese, but there are still a few Filipino employees working at the place to help with the language barrier.

According to The South Couple – a Facebook page dedicated to the adventures of Tan & Kat Sebastian as they travel around the metro in search of new food to discover – in a post, when they first visited the place, it was open to the public. Everyone is welcome to the resto and enjoy the cuisine they desired to savor, without the hindrance of their race, age, or whatsoever. However, after some time, some commenters said that the place is now exclusive to Chinese customers.

While the owners of the page still has no idea if this is true or just a sham, the news eventually broke the internet and sparked different kinds of discussion from the Filipino Netizens. A few got infuriated with this news as they align this with the current issue that’s been circling around Philippines and China.

A user on Facebook said in a comment, “Being racially discriminated against in your own country. Just great. Just freaking great.”

“Di niyo pa ba napapansin?? Nabenta na tayo sa China,” [“Can’t you see?? We’re being sold to China.”] another added.

A netizen angrily posted, “Why are they even allowed to operate while implementing such a ridiculous rule? It furthers their sense of entitlement even more. They should be reported to the proper authorities and their permit to operate revoked!”

However, some provided reasons why it’s still a logical act from the management of the place, and that they are not violating any law.

In a discussion thread on Reddit a user pointed out: “It’s a private property so legally speaking they could bar individuals inside their compound. And as much as I understand that the opinion is unpopular, it is arguably correct that there is no technical law that exists in the Philippines for it.”

You can read the discussion thread here:

"Chinese only" food park in Las Piñas from Philippines

What is your personal take on this matter?

Photo Credit: The South Couple Facebook Page