Cherie Gil Brings Iconic Character Lavinia Arguelles Back To Life

One of the most iconic and quotable kontrabida line has to be Cherie Gil’s “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying-hard copycat!” from Emmanuel Borlaza’s “Bituing Walang Ningning”. The sassy remark was followed by Cherie throwing her drink at her then on-screen rival, Sharon Cuneta. This intense and well-delivered line paved the way for Cherie’s character, Lavinia Arguelles, to be immortalized in the Filipino cinematic history.

Decades later and Cherie still remembers her line by heart.

Now, she is set to bring her character back to life on social media through an alternate IG account which was named after Lavinia Arguelles herself. On her @the_real_lavinia_arguelles account, her bio states that she aims to “arrive to 100 victims and relive this 1986 iconic scene with every relevant person” that she met in the 21st century.

So far, her ‘lucky’ victims include BBDO ad man David Guerrero, chef JP Anglo and journalist Atom Araullo.

Victim #4 @atom_araullo take 2 #ilaviniaarguellesmoako #iconicline #timeless

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“Kasal” stars Paolo Avelino and Ricky Davao recently experienced being the actress’s victims.

Victim # 6 THE Mr Ricky Davao #kasal #mybro #ilaviniaarguellesmoako #iconicline

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Cherie also tried to reenact the scene with Bea Alonzo but stopped before throwing her drink saying, “Sayang makeup.”

Netizens seemed to like Cherie’s idea. Some are even sending in suggestions on who should be next on the line.

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