Chefs Sandy Daza And Robby Goco Topbill 1st Metro Kitchen Series

Metro.Style launches its first-ever Metro Kitchen Series, inviting beginner cooks and foodies to the ultimate culinary experience, with its initial stop at the Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza on September 15 (Saturday) at 3 PM.

The Metro Kitchen Series explores the Spanish influence on Filipino cuisine in its first leg showcasing 2 culinary stars, Chefs Sandy Daza and Robby Goco, who will demonstrate their masterful interpretations of the Filipino-Spanish theme of the program.

Chef Sandy is a food writer and host of the popular “Casa Daza” and “FoodPrints” shows on Metro Channel, and also owns the successful Casa Daza and Wooden Spoon restaurants.

Chef Robby is the brains behind the farm-to-table concept Green Pastures, as well as the managing partner and director for research and development of the popular Cyma Greek Taverna and Souv by Cyma.

Aside from learning great recipes from these renowned chefs, attendees will also get a chance to taste mouth-watering food cooked-on-the-spot and enjoy the onsite raffle.

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