Over the years, brilliant people around the world have created majority of the technology we easily use and enjoy leisurely. But with all the technology we have at this age, have you ever wondered what they actually looked like the first time it was invented?

Most of the gadgets we utilize today are way different from its original model, be it in looks or in features. It’s amazing and interesting to look back and see how gadgets have been innovated. Check out what the following gizmos looked like when they were first invented.

1. Camera

As film cameras became increasingly extinct in the early 2000s, DSLR cameras like Canon and Nikon started to emerge and dominate the scene.

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But even before these, there have been different camera inventions which dominated earlier generations. The best example for this is the Polaroid camera which quickly became the country’s best-selling camera after its first production in 1977.

The Polaroid camera became a phenomenon because of its one-shot process that could easily release a photograph. Moreover, it became hit in the 80s-era family albums as it gives the square-framed, often off-color snaps a retro appeal. More so to say, this is the original Instagram.

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