Cesar Montano Faces Legal Case Filed By Tourism Board Employees

Tourism Board employees file a complaint for mismanaging against actor and chief operating officer Cesar Montano.

The employees of Tourism Promotions Board addressed all their complaints thru a letter sent at Presidential Action Center and received on March 1, 2017. Included in their complaints are 30 irregularities allegedly done by Cesar Montano.

According to employees, Montano has difficulty in absorbing information during meetings which makes him an incompetent COO. He also rarely reports to Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo. Moreover, he is sometimes seen locking himself in his room for hours while playing the guitar inside.

“It can be observed that during meetings with the TPB Management Committee and Board Meetings his level of retention and absorption is very low. He has difficulty understanding presentations, flow charts, and figures. Instead he wants visuals. He would leave the meetings even if not yet adjourned.”

Adding to Montano’s alleged irregularities are converting the Board Room of Tourism Promotions Board and executive lounge into an exclusive place meant for bodyguards and staff only. He even demanded a TV installed in that area.

Furthermore, Montano is allegedly involved in a questionable entry multimillion-peso deals and one of those is an 11.2M worth of contract for a concert last January 18, 2017 where he and his nieces performed.

He is also reported creating job orders whose functions were already existing for his own staff including stuntman, personal assistant, gardener as well as relatives such as Priza Cinco, Rommel Montano and Cliffer Mendoza. And their monthly salaries are ranging from 14,000 to 48,000. According to employees, that act violates the Civil Service Commission ruling on nepotism – the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

The employees also expressed their concern against the misused DOT funds by Cesar Montano’s relatives. They are seeming to be on vacation during supposed business trips, declining travel to local venues for official venues and demanding reimbursements of their expenses.

“Ms. Priza Cinco, Mr. Rommel Montano and Cliff Mendoza always demand that their names be included every time COO Montano will travel domestically or internationally,”

Meanwhile, his brother Rommel allegedly initiated a project called ‘SELPHILIPPINES’. At first, it offers a free of charge but later comes with a million pesos worth of price tag.

Priza Cinco was also reported giving a threat on one of the human resources staff when the Civil Servie Commission requests her to submit documents for her appointment papers.

Cesar Montano was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Tourism Promotion Board last December 2016.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @cesar_montano

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