Celebration Of Lights In Vancouver, Canada

If the United States of America lights up the night sky with different colored fireworks during the fourth of July, Canada has their own way of celebrating. And as they say, you haven’t seen a real fireworks display if you haven’t witnessed the Celebration of the Light Festival in Vancouver.

Starting towards the end of July, the country annually conducts the Honda Celebration of Lights, a musical fireworks competition held in Vancouver, Canada. Formerly known as the Benson & Hedges Symphony of Fire, it is one of the city’s signature summer events and the longest running off-shore fireworks competitions in the world.

Three or four teams around the world come together to compete and light up the sky with their magnificent show of sound and fireworks. This year, Japan will compete on July 29 while United Kingdom and Canada will play on August 2 and 5 respectively.

The festival is perfectly laid out at the center of the English Bay, making it the best amphitheatre for the audience to watch the show even from afar. The show perfect lights up the wide picturesque Vancouver skyline.

Since the fireworks start when the moon already shines bright, the festival kicks off each evening with the SHOREFEST, a free music festival series down at Sunset Beach.

If you want, you can book your flight earlier in order to tour the whole city and experience everything Vancouver has to offer.

A friendly reminder, hotels and apartments as well as restaurants which offer a good view are always fully-booked during the festival since they have already prepared the reservations in advance.

Photo credit: Instagram – @celeboflight

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