Cavite Offers Exciting Valentine Getaways, Couples’ Retreats

In a bid to make February a truly exciting “Love Month”, the Cavite provincial government has embarked on its “Experience 14 days of Love and Life this February” offering to couples, friends and families priceless adventures, hideaways and romantic places.

The Provincial Capitol tourism and event organizers had earlier started their countdown to Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14 sans the usual chocolates and flowers, but with an array of nature adventures, vacation beach spots and places to wine and dine in the province this “season of love”.

After just a few hours of travel from Metro Manila, nature lovers and highland adventure seekers can enjoy a unique Valentine experience of communing with nature at the Mount Palay-palay and Mataas na Gulod National Park.

The national park is Cavite’s largest protected landscape and sanctuary of diverse wildlife including the Philippine “Eagle Owl,” a unique fauna that looks like an eagle yet belongs to an owl species.

Cavite organizers justified the paraphrased adage that “If faith and love can move mountains,” then couples and lovers may try to ascend the slopes of the highland and the Palay-palay peak just to test their love for nature and for each other and prove that “love conquers all” with their patience, persistence and endurance.

The historic province also offers its centuries-old churches for lovers and couples who are up to renew their love and marriage vows in a fitting proof that there is “forever” in their relationships.

And for beach lovers, they can bask in Ternate’s pristine and find sand beaches and dip into the sea with its gentle waves at the Katungkulan Beach Resort, popularly known as the “Boracay de Cavite”, Paniman Beach and the unspoiled Kaynipa Cove that is minutes away from the Caylabne Resort.

However, the provincial government tells resort goers and beach lovers to “safeguard our shores and marine life” as they explore Cavite’s adventure wonderland and Mother Nature.

The town of Ternate offers vacationers and special treat seekers a romantic and laidback setting by the sea for seafront camp-out, star-gazing and simply savoring nature’s beauty.

Meanwhile, the island of Corregidor, a World War II island fortress, offers a breathtaking view of Manila Bay, a trek to the lighthouse, walk through the ruins, the islands, viewing of butterflies and watching the golden sunset from the island’s vantage points.

Those who fret over tiresome trips may take some respite through malling as the province is dotted with several malls where tourists and visitors could shop and splurge on Valentine gift choices and dining pleasure.

A take-off from its December’s “Valenciana Festival,” General Trias City, on the other hand, continues with its food fest to showcase Caviteños’ homegrown culinary skills and talent blended with a foreign cuisine exotic flair through Cavite’s very own “Valencian rice” that has become a crowd favorite.

This fusion dish with annatto or “atsuete”, coconut milk, tomatoes, chorizo or pork sausage and chicken meat, and blended with peas, raisins and pimiento (cherry pepper), is offered at the Jam’s Café, a favorite hangout among Gentriseños (residents of General Trias).

The province’s Valentine offerings also provide satisfaction to those with sweet tooth through Indang town’s “Kalamay Buna” — a home-made treat so sweet it is a perfect gift for a loved one on V-Day.

Moreover, event organizers recommend dining at Asiong’s Caviteño Heirloom Restaurant in Silang, for its famous “Pancit Pusit,” locally-grown coffee and home-cooked dishes that would prove “home is where the heart is.”

Organizers of the provincial government’s “14 Days of Love and Life in Cavite” are inviting visitors, tourists and adventure seekers this “season of love” to visit their official Facebook page for assistance and more information on their tourism promotion and leisure activities. (Reah Marilou Martin-OJT/PNA)

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