Adobe Plans To Develop Full Version Of Photoshop For The iPad

Starting next year, professional and casual Photoshop users won’t have to depend on their desktops.

Fluxr And Tencent: A Partnership That Will Pin Mobile Game Streaming On The Southeast Asian Map

LiveMe, North America’s top ranked social networking app, has officially announced the launch of a.

Pru Life UK Introduces MyDNAPro Mobile App To Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey

A holistic approach to physical health, from exercising regularly to maintaining proper dietary and sleeping.

MMDA Develops New Mobile App For Traffic And Flood Updates

In a country where traffic and road incidents can be unpredictable, the soon-to-be released MMDA.

WoW Mounts Battle For Azeroth Beta Updates

Can you believe it? There is a little more than a month left before Battle.

Outdo Your Triathlon Mileage The Smart Way With SAMSUNG Gear Sport

Racking up close to fifty podium finishes and consistently ranking at the top of his.

Spread Good And Gandang Vibes With Viber And Vice Cosmetics

Rakuten Viber unveiled its latest partnership with Vice Cosmetics, the popular makeup line of the.

Introducing, Netflix Mobile Previews

One of the best ways to know if you’ll like a new series or movie.