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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Apple To Investigate Melting iPhone 7 Caught In Cam

Last year, a tech-giant company experienced the most outrages incident in smartphone industry. The series of explosion, warnings and recalls mark the fall of industry’s...

Apple Will Release Special Edition Red iPhone 7

For the benefit of RED, an organization that supports AIDS research and prevention, Apple will release red-colored iPhones. The red iPhone will be available on...

Thousands Of iPhones’ Data Threaten To Rub Out By Hackers

Apple is allegedly forcing to pay ransom by a group of mysterious hackers. The Turkish Crime Family, the people behind the extortion apparently has a...

Watch: Developer Builds His Own iPhone By Buying Parts In China

Scotty Allen is a former engineer and now a passionate developer who loves to travel to different countries and has become an instant internet...