Marvel’s Newest Filipina Superheroine ‘Wave’ Defends North Pacific

Just when you thought the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was the best, the company is.

Filipina Represents PH In Mt. Everest Base Camp

Scaling the heights of Mount Everest is one thing — but taking a picture five.

Xander Ford No Longer Xander Ford

Xander Ford has been an infamous public figure since 2017. Real-life Marlou Arizala first came.

College Student Cries As Parents Weren’t Able To Attend Graduation

Graduation is the highest achievement a student aiming for a degree in college can get.

Teacher Spends Personal Savings To Buy Toga For Her Students

Another selfless inspirational story has captured the hearts of the Filipinos on social media. Teachers.

Not Again! Glutamax Strikes With Discriminating Campaign

It appears that GlutaMAX has not learned from its competitor’s (SkinWhite) mistake in deeming a.

A Real-life Barbie: Katerina Rozmajzl

Katerina Rozmajzl has gained the name “real-life Barbie” because of her blonde hair, unrealistic physique,.

Four Pinoys Landed On Forbes’ “30 Under 30” 2019 Asia List

Forbes has recently released their “30 Under 30” Asia list for the year 2019 and.

Banaue Rice Terraces, Built By Chinese?

We, Filipinos, are all aware that the Banaue Rice Terraces are built by the indigenous.

Paningning: The Dog Who Sleeps Like A Human

Have you ever seen a dog lying on its back while sleeping and her arms.