China Seeks Revival Of ‘Silk Road’ For Cultural Exchange, dialogue

Chinese officials on Wednesday called for the creation of a new future for the silk.

Harmful Use Of Alcohol Kills Over 3M Each Year: WHO

Harmful use of alcohol killed more than three million people worldwide in 2016, or one.

Japanese Bizman To Become First Private Moon Tourist

American company SpaceX revealed on Monday that Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, would be the.

‘Insta-Gran’ Kimiko Nishimoto Goes Viral With Her Goofy Yet Artistic Photos

90-year-old Japanese Kimiko Nishimoto has been getting a lot of attention for her fun and.

Fortune Global 500 Companies Recognise Importance Of Emerging Economies

The latest edition of the Fortune Global 500 Index for 2018 confirms the ever-increasing role.

Scientists Confirm Water Ice On Moon’s Surface For First Time

For the first time, scientists have directly observed definitive evidence of water ice on the.

Quitting Smoking May Lead To Weight Gain But Reduce Death Risk

Quitting smoking may cause you to gain weight and initially lead to a higher risk.

Documentary Showcases Rich ASEAN-China Cooperation

ASEAN diplomats, attaches and media professionals convened Saturday for the presentation of the first large-scale.

Chinese Astronomers Discover Giant Star Rich In Lithium

Chinese astronomers have discovered the most lithium-rich giant star ever known, which could shed new.

Scientists: Diagnosing, Treating Cancer With MRI

Researchers from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI have recently developed a new type of.