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COVID-19 Spurs Rise In Birth Control Interest

Filipinos are likely to search for birth control pills, which garnered the most Google searches in March, the iPrice Group study shows.

Glenfiddich Brings South East Asian Change Makers Together With Where Next? Campaign

As part of its ‘Where Next campagin, Glenfiddich, the World’s Most Awarded single Malt Scotch Whisky, has launched a digital experience for its customers!

Palace Cites ‘Scientific’ Basis On Face Shield Requirement

The Philippines’ protocol to wear face shields was compared to other countries that are doing better in controlling the pandemic without the face shield requirement.

How To Have A Cool, Healthy #MaalagangSummer At Home With The Kids

Init na init ka na ba this summer? Don’t let the pandemic stop you from whipping up fun and exciting family activities with your kids with these Panasonic Appliances #MaalagangSummer at home.

Music Royalty Jayda Debuts On The Cover Of Metro.Style

LOOK: At the age of 18, this singer, songwriter, and musician is already radiating elegance and wisdom as the embodiment of local music's newest generation, who is she?

Loungewear By Love, Bonito – Refined Comfort

Looking for silk-soft fabrics that's perfect for the weather? Check out Love, Bonito's latest collection!

Fully Vaccinated Seniors Urged To Stay Home For Now

Malacañang is encouraging senior citizens who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to continue staying indoors as they remain to be at high risk for respiratory disease.

MILO Celebrates World Milk Day With 10 Million Jump Skips

Let's jump with MILO! MILO is celebrating World Milk Day by encouraging the entire nation to do 10 million jump skips from participants all over the Philippines.

SMC: No Shortage Of Purefoods Hotdogs, Luncheon Meat

SM Foods assured that its line of refrigerated meats and canned goods will remain available in supermarket shelves and other retail outlets, despite global challenges that affect the cost and availability of raw materials.

Bill Regulating Sale, Manufacture Of E-Cigarettes Hurdles House

The House of Representatives has approved on final reading a proposal that would regulate the e-cigarettes, as well as heated tobacco products.

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