Catch The Real Killer At The Finale Of The Award-Winning Series “The Good Son”

Will jealousy and hatred be enough of a reason for a wife to kill her husband? Or is being a good son enough to prove someone’s innocence?

The mystery and the unending mind games will finally be solved as viewers will soon find out if Olivia Buenavidez (Eula Valdez) or if it is one among Joseph (Joshua Garcia), Calvin (Nash Aguas), Obet (McCoy De Leon), and Enzo (Jerome Ponce) who is the real culprit behind the murder of their father Victor (Albert Martinez) in the much-anticipated finale of “The Good Son”, airing outside the Philippines via The Filipino Channel (TFC), and the final episode streaming via TFC online simulcast its local airing on April 13 (Manila time), in key countries worldwide.

The four sons’ battle for justice and vengeance took an unexpected and vicious turn when they resorted to extreme measures after Enzo threatened Joseph’s life with a gun. The same thing happened between Calvin and Obet, when the latter pointed a pistol at the youngest Buenavidez with the intent of avenging the death of his mother Racquel (Mylene Dizon).

These events have convinced the investigators that the murderer might be one of the brothers because their violent tendencies could establish that they have the capacity to kill someone to fulfill an intense desire for revenge.

The unexpected turn of events, however, changes everything after Joseph gets poisoned during his surprise birthday party, similar to what happened to his father. This incident brings them closer to the identity of the crime’s mastermind, that is until another plot twist – Enzo admits to the crime in order to make his mother Olivia admit to the crime. However, the question remains whether Olivia did kill her husband.

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