Can You Relate To Maine Mendoza’s Random Rainy Day Tweets?

Rainy days always make us go senti. Maybe it’s the coldness, maybe it’s the darkness. Either way, it feels so good to just lay on your bed and listen to mellow music all day.

With this week’s gloomy weather, Maine Mendoza went all senti on Twitter. The consecutive class suspensions seemed to have poked at Maine’s memories back when she was studying. She began tweeting about annoying memories that she somehow misses with the recurring phrase, “Badtrip pero nakakamiss.”

The 23-year-old actress and host recalled experiencing every student’s pet peeve: the announcement of class suspension when you’re already in school.

That includes going on a mission to conquer the flooded streets while trying not to ruin your uniform during the process.

But of course, all your struggles are worth it once you’ve met with your best buds. Who wouldn’t miss those times when you spend all your break period just talking about crazy nonsense?

Remember that one subject you hate so much?

And of course, everyone’s mission impossible: stalking your crush.

Soon enough, the long thread of senti moments ended up turning into an advice column.

From simple questions on how to make ‘crush’ notice you to more serious academic questions, Maine answered her fans’ questions humorously.

It seems that the cold, gloomy weather was warmed by the sweet sentimental exchanges of school day memories.

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