Bridal Photoshoot Captures Beirut Explosion

Bridal Photoshoot Captures Beirut Explosion


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For many, their wedding day is a dream. The experience of planning and the ceremony is something to look forward to. The day goes by with preparations and capturing the beauty of the bride and groom through photos and videos. This bride was posing for her videographer when the Beirut explosion suddenly happened.

Dr. Israa Seblani was beaming with happiness until the deafening sound of the explosion jolted Beirut. The beauty around her quickly turned into dust.

The doctor originally visited there for her wedding shoot. She and husband, Ahmad Sbhei, have been waiting their wedding day for 3 years, ever since their engagement in 2017. The couple initially planned to get married in America but have experienced delays with her fiancée’s visa.

At first, Dr. Seblani was unsure of what was going on and thought that the city was under attack. She shared that the first thing that came to mind when she heard the explosion was she was going to die and lose her husband. When the impact reached her, she was literally swept off her feet and was brought to the floor. As she rose back on her feet the city square was ruined, its normality a few seconds prior was gone.

Dr. Seblani and her husband returned to the square where they experienced the traumatic event because to them, it did not feel real. When she came back, she remembered every moment. However, she also acknowledged that her and her husband are the lucky ones.

Now more than ever, Dr. Seblani fears going back to America and leaving her husband in Lebanon due to the lack of stability at the moment. Amidst the trauma Beirut has experienced, Dr. Seblani is finding it difficult to experience the joy of being a newlywed. The couple experienced something truly unique that hopefully, no one will ever experience again.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Dr-israa Seblani

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