Boyet Joins Nura & Velma On #LIKE

It’s a battle between the “Superstar” and “Star for All Seasons” this Saturday (Dec. 17) on #LIKE and no less than Christopher de Leon will have to choose the winner between the two.


Teri Aunor and Onse Tolentino never fail to trend when they impersonate Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos. One of their videos showing the two of them reciting classic movie lines by Nora and Vilma even reached four million views.


To finally end the rivalry between the two, Nura and Velma go on a face-off to determine who really the real Star of Christmas is.

From their grand entrance aboard festive floats, Nura and Velma will undergo three stages of battle—reciting movie lines with a Christmas twist, lip synch battle with their own version of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, and a dance number where they are dressed as the iconic superhero characters that Nora and Vilma played in their movies—as Gee and Darna.

Joining the 100 Taumbayan Likers is a surprise Taumbayan Liker guest who is close to both Nora and Vilma—Christopher de Leon.

Join Tom Rodriguez and Balang in this Christmas Special episode of #LIKE on Saturday after Eat Bulaga on GMA 7.