Born To Be Wild Kicks Off 2017 With New Adventures

Born to be Wild promises more exciting, adventure-filled wildlife stories this 2017.

For the first time on Philippine television, watch the stunning dynamics of a newly-documented sardine school in the sea of Panglao, Bohol this Sunday (January 8).

Six months ago, local divers first saw and documented the sardine school. Experts say that the sardines choose to be in the area because of the abundance of food and the temperature of the water.

Doc Nielsen Donato visits an elephant sanctuary in Thailand were fifteen elephants are being rehabilitated. Some of these elephants were once workers in Thailand’s logging industry while others were used as rides for tourists.

In this sanctuary, elephants freely roam in an area resembling the wilderness. Doc Nielsen meets “Wassana”, a victim of a landmine explosion. Doc Nielsen helps treat Wassana’s wounds.