Blast From The Past: Tamagochi Relaunches Six Of Its Original Version

Every 90s kid is probably delighted with glee after hearing the news that the iconic egg-shaped Japanese toy, Tamagotchi will soon be relaunched. The famous and classic digital pet has been re-released and is now available for purchase in Amazon Japan.

Tamagotchi is a virtual tiny pet who’s in need of attention for feeding, watering, sleeping and tidying up its mess. If you take good care of it, it will grow bigger, healthier, and more beautiful. But if you neglect it and you don’t feed it on time, it eventually dies.

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Every single kid who played the game probably felt a sense of responsibility of petting and taking care of a digital pet. Even meticulous about its health by feeding it constantly, and its hygiene, when cleaning any remnants, all done through the tiny device and assigned buttons of course.

The obsession of kids with Tamagotchi was beyond comprehension. Schools even banned the usage of the toy because of students’ craze over the game during class. The huge sensation, went on to sell more than 76 million worldwide in the 90s and early 2000s.

The toymaker company, Bandai hasn’t said anything about relaunching it to other countries yet, but many are very hopeful. 90s kids are quite happy about the news of the relaunched six versions of Tamagotchis because it only means that there’s also six characters to pet.

No matter what age, it’s a given that a touch of nostalgia and a flashback to childhood toys can make anybody giddy.

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