Billy And Coleen Speaks Up About The Controversial ‘Prenup’ Photo

Recently, a photo showing the couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia blew up the internet. In the photos the two was seen posing glamorously with some of the locals of Ethiopia. According to some statements, the leaked photos are from the prenuptial shoot of the couple. The photos earned different reactions and opinions from the netizens.

There may have been positive remarks about the photos, but the backlash was undeniably more intense. And because of this, the two cleared the issue through sending in a statement to their network, ABS-CBN. The couple cleared out that they were just invited by Ethiopian Airlines to do the shoot in Ethiopia as part of a tourism campaign. The photos seen on social media sites are not yet their official prenup photos.

Billy added that they just followed their tour guide’s suggestion on hoe to frame the shots and how they want people of Ethiopia to be included in the photos. He cleared that their intentions are pure and they did not have any plans on disrespecting the locals. After explaining their side, he apologized to those who were offended by the photos and said that as public personalities, they should have done better.

Because of the backlash, Metro Photo and the couple took down the said photos.