Belo Celebrates The Arrival Of Thermage FLX Into The Philippines

The medical aesthetics group is the first in the country to offer Thermage’s latest machine

Belo Medical Group, the leading Aesthetic Clinic in the Philippines, recently celebrated the arrival of Thermage FLX into the country with a grand launch at Shangri-La Fort. Themed in Summer Blooms by Robert Blancaflor.

In the same launch unveiled Belo’s latest ambassador for Thermage FLX, one of the first personalities to benefit from its amazing new technology—no less than showbiz darling, Anne Curtis Smith.

Anne has been with Belo for years on. The relationship has seen her blossom from a pretty teen star to a mature beautiful woman she is now. We can only look forward to more beautiful things for her.

Among the stars present to support the beauty Doctor, Dr. Vicki Belo were Heaven Peralejo, Jimmuel Pacquiao and Ryan Bang. Socialites and influencers also came out to show support Stephanie Zubiri, Cat Juan-Ledesma, Jess Wilson and beau Mortiz Gastl and Martine and Cliff Ho among many others.

As more and more women and men are looking for ways to turn back the clock, skincare & beauty experts continuously explore new innovations and technologies to provide the most efficient and comfortable non-invasive treatments in the market.

Belo Medical Group was the first user of Thermage in the Philippines, having performed the procedure on its patients for the last 16 years. In fact, Belo has been bagging the Black Diamond Award (most number of thermage procedure) since its inception.

The recently launched, Thermage FLX, is a fourth-generation version equipped with improved technology that allows for higher patient comfort and significantly enhanced results. Once again, Belo is the first in the country to offer the many advantages of the new Thermage machine.

“I think we found a procedure that would fit most everybody. This new generation of thermage has proven to be wonderful for both the patient and the doctor. For the patient, you get much more effectivity, especially for the forehead. You get much lifting and tightening and lifting instantly. Of course, there is the real effect of collagen deposition and elastin in three months so it only gets better. For the Doctor, it’s much faster because it has a bigger foot and its much easier to use. It really treats laxity and sagging which is the most common problems for Asian skin.” Dr. Vicki Belo quips.

For 16 years, Thermage has been one of the major players in this anti-aging sector. Available in 80 countries worldwide and performed on nearly two million individuals, the popular aesthetic treatment uses a patented radio frequency technology to create a uniform heating effect in the deep layers of the skin. This contracts existing collagen and stimulates more production, resulting in reduced fine lines and wrinkles, tighter skin on the face, jawline and neck, and a more contoured face—all with little to no downtime for the patient.

Thermage FLX has the distinct advantage of AccuREP, a more optimized system that delivers pulses accurately and as strong as the last one, and automatically measures and precisely tunes the amount of energy delivered to the patient and treatment area. The new machine also works 25 percent faster, dramatically shortening treatment time to 30 minutes. This improvement has been made possible by increasing the size of the tips that are used to treat the patient. These tips are now 33 percent larger, enabling a more extensive surface area to be targeted. The new Thermage FLX machine also comes with a smaller tip for targeting the periorbital area, and a much bigger tip that can help tighten the arms, abdomen, thighs and back rolls. These tips have been equipped with a vibrating feature, which greatly contributes to patient comfort. As explained by Chris Cachuela of Solta Medical ( Distributor of Thermage)

It was an evening of blooms where some of the guests were treated to a free Thermage Session courtesy of Solta Medical. After all, everyone deserves to Bloom with BeloThermage FLX.

Discover the amazing anti-aging and skin-tightening benefits of the new Thermage FLX machine now. Book an appointment by calling 819-BELO (2356) or by logging on to

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