Behind The Blog: The Perks And The Uglies

Just a few years back, blogging was ultimately something that was akin to writing an entry in one’s diary or journal. It was an outlet, a way of expressing one’s thoughts into words and essentially into the internet. Nothing more and nothing less. Who really would have thought that this method of online expression would soon become one of the largest growing career choices especially for the youth of today?

Hundreds of people who started off with blogging have managed to expand their career from something that was initially limited only to the world wide web into the actual real world. Internet has now met real-life business deals and practices with bloggers managing to generate even more income through the selling of their hand-made products or merchandise and even, quite recently, image presets so that others will be able to have quality and aesthetic filters over their photos online.

Additionally, bloggers, with the help of social media, have also managed to gain a celebrity-like influence over others and celebrity-like following. In fact, some have managed to actually become celebrities! Blogging celebrities or better known as blogging influencers are one of the hottest things to be right now. It does allow one to have more control over one’s career than that of movie celebrities who, at times, tend to be dictated by their managements or representatives. And although, being in the movie industry is definitely one of the most lucrative careers out there, blogging has proven itself to be an equally profiting, more doable and diverse career for many.

Starting and tending to a blog can be a hectic task but with very fulfilling benefits if one’s heart is really put into it.

For one, it has that added benefit of improving one’s writing and communication skills with other people. Honestly nothing is greater than managing to perfectly describe something and make someone really picture it with just your words. And having an extensive vocabulary is an impressive thing to showcase others. Plus, being able to know how to handle and reply to constructive criticisms really tell a lot about a person. Managing a blog can teach one to do exactly that because no one will be able to last a year working online if one cannot handle the occasional criticism or disagreement from others.

Then there’s being able to sell one’s products through blogging. I mean, if you really got what it takes to make something that others can also benefit from (quality is number one), then why not share since sharing is caring, right? Not only can you make good cash but also get some well-deserved praises from others. Everybody’s happy.

Depending on the blog or one’s interest, but having a blog can allow someone to do or try things that certain 9-to-5 jobs will not be able to provide. From traveling and learning new cultures, experimenting with new recipes or even managing to be one of those people to get a copy of a new book earlier than the rest, are definitely opportunities that can come with the task of blogging for a living.

With that being said, blogging can be a gateway for opportunities of a lifetime. Places that one has never even dreamed of being able to actually go to or things that one has never in a million years have imagined being able to experience can become a reality. Being sponsored for these trips or in trying out new items and gadgets is even a double plus as a blogger.

Finally, as one gains followers from one’s blog and one’s words start to become influencing to others, blogging can serve as the ultimate platform for making people more aware about certain issues. Whatever that may be, blogging can definitely be a stepping stone in making a change and hopefully for the better.

Nevertheless, with blogging comes great responsibility with one’s words since, especially nowadays, the world is such a sensitive place. People have come to the point of twisting words and getting meanings that were never even originally implied, to begin with. Bullies and internet trolls are everywhere waiting for a chance to attack and break down one’s self-esteem. And if one does get trolled or faces a stream of negative comments, much like in the movie industry, a strong backbone really is required to stomach all those and continue to move forward with life without being too affected or affected at all by these words.

Privacy has also been an issue especially for those with growing popularity and following. Some just really are unhealthily curious about things that are none of their business. Unfortunately, constantly having to try and maintain one’s privacy as much as one can in a globalizing world comes with the territory in owning an internet blog.

Also, like with any job, commitment is a must for blogs. Very much so since people, nowadays, have the attention span of a cat and so one has to always not only keep up with the trends but also find ways one keeping people intrigued and on their toes with what one is talking about in a blog. Trends and being relatable should be two primary concerns of bloggers which also sometimes prove to be the hardest things to always stay in touch with.

A common reason why some have also tried their hand with blogging is the mistaken assumption of it being a way for quick cash. If one wants a good and honest profit from blogging, then that will definitely take time. Patience is a virtue here and for those impatient can really become the bane of one’s existence.

Lastly, one must come to accept that there are still many who find blogging as not being a genuine career. A lot still view it as simply a way of creatively expressing one’s ideas and thoughts. One does not even need a diploma to start doing it plus it’s open for literally all ages so can it really be classified as a career at all?

But we must all remember that, first of all, no job comes with no hardships. Pros and cons are part of all careers. It is how we handle and overcome these difficulties and challenges that grow us into better and well-rounded people. Also, if blogging is something one finds solace, enjoyment and true passion in (with the added benefit of profit, if one is blessed with this chance) then who really is anyone to say that it isn’t a career? If it manages to pays the bills with hard earned honest money that who is anyone to judge really?

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” – Chris Grosser